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VajraSoft Inc. is Intellectual Property Management Software Company based in Silicon Valley / Dublin, California, United States – helping customers Manage Innovations and monetize IP’s. VajraSoft Inc. is Master Class Intellectual Property Solution provider, providing World’s first and most comprehensive, end-to-end IP Life Cycle Management automation solutions and is one-stop shop for all IP Solutions that business needs. Our IP products received several industry recognitions and won several Cloud awards including UP Start Cloud Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012 and Best BI / Analytics Application for 2013. CIO Review magazine listed VajraSoft Inc. as CIO Magazine – Top 20 Big Data Solution Providers for 2014.  Silicon India magazine listed VajraSoft Inc. as Top 100 Technology companies in U.S. for 2013.

VajraSoft Inc. Intellectual Property Management Software Product portfolio includes: IPMation Application Suite – IPWayz TM – Global Patent Portfolio Management System, IP Cost-O-Meter TM– a global patent cost estimation tool, IP Financial Planning – Budget forecasting tool; IP Monetizer TM – to manage Patent License management and Royalty Revenue streams on IPs; and IP Patenalytics TM providing IP 3600 dashboard reporting based on key performance indicators (KPI's) and metrics. PatenTrak TM – helps customers to prepare all documents, forms for patent office submissions online, and track all the updates, office actions & responses and provides customers full insight into patent prosecution process. Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Automation – fast tracks the patent examination process and reduces costs & expedites global IP Protection. Pintels TM – Patent Intelligence System, provides Competitive Intelligence Analytics on demand. IPCity Marketplace TM – online IP Market place, accelerates the Innovations from Lab to Market and fast tracks IP monetization. The IPWayz TM Provisional – allows you to prepare and file provisional patent applications online, in matter of minutes.

Complementing with the cradle-to-grave IP automation of key process scenarios is the Pintels Intelligence Analytics. The World’s first Big Data driven Pintels intelligence analytics products and solutions not only provide comprehensive IP, Patent Intelligence, but also Product, Market and Competitive Intelligence analytics as well – accelerating innovations, driving profitable growth, gaining competitive advantage and maximize value. Pintels helps companies to identify emerging trends & opportunities, insights into Patent and Technology Landscape, competitor's Innovation portfolio, Identify potential targets for Merger & Acquisition, accelerating Mergers & Acquisitions, Potential Licensing Opportunities, IP Due Diligence, Patent to Product Mapping and more. Pintels TM – Patent Intelligence System, provides Competitive Intelligence Analytics on demand. The Big Data driven Pintels Intelligence Analytics provide deep insights to make right decisions at right time and gain competitive advantage. Core value proposition includes:

  • Identify Industry Trends and Opportunities
  • Understand the Patent and Technology Landscape and who holds what
  • Gain Technology Intelligence
  • Help business identify potential candidates for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Identify potential collaborators
  • Gain insights as to where the competitors are investing and growing
  • Identify the potential Merger & Acquisition targets to strengthen your patent portfolio
  • Create competitive advantage

Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics

Delivering Drug Life Cycle Management Analytics Automation to improve Drug Safety and Patient Outcomes


Intelligence Solutions

Find out how to leverage Pintels Intelligence Analytics on demand to gain competitive advantage, drive profitable growth and improve stakeholder value.


Industry Solutions

Delivering the World's First and most comprehensive, Big Data driven Intelligence analytics for your business needs to drive "value".


Industry Solutions

Pintels Intelligence Analytics Product Portfolio

Pintels Intelligence Analytics

It contains:

  • Pintels Patent Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Drug Product Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Market Intelligence
  • Pintels Drug Safety Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Adverse Event Reporting Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Competitive Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics
  • Pintels Text Analytics
  • Pintels PharmAnalytics

  • Industry Solutions

    Pintels intelligence analytics and industry solutions help business drive profitable growth and gain competitive advantage. Some of the industry solutions include:

    • Pintels for Cybersecurity
    • Pintels for Internet of Things
    • Pintels for Connected Cars
    • Pintels for Telecommunications
    • Pintels for Biotechnology Industry
    • Pintels for Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Pintels for Healthcare
    • Pintels for Green Energy Industry
    • Pintels for Green Transportation
    • Pintels for Automotive Industry
    • Pintels for Semiconductor Industry
    • Pintels for Networking & Communications