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What is Validity Search?

Validity / Invalidity Search is an extensive prior art search carried out by IP expert, to validate the enforceability of patent's claims or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent. Based on the desired outcome, that is, validating or invalidating a patent claim (or claims), we can execute the search for you.

These searches are conducted by entities accused of infringing on a patent. If it can be proved that the patent is invalid, on the account that prior art exists - then there is nothing to infringe upon and hence no merit in the case. Prior Art based patent invalidity is the single most and sure shot way to go about for your defence.

When to do Validity / Invalidity Search?

A Validity / Invalidity Search can be performed when a litigation relating to patent infringement becomes a distinct possibility and the defendant needs to nullify the plaintiff's patent. Also, validity search serves as extremely useful tool during licensing discussions as it is critical to assess the value and strength of a patent before buying a license for adoption.

Why us?

VajraSoft Inc. - Pintels - has in-house IP experts who understand specific needs of the customer and attempt to fulfil the needs quickly. Based on your questions or needs, you can reach us via email at sales@pintels.com or through telephone at: 925-248-2523 If it does, then the invention is obvious and therefore not patentable. So, at a small cost you are eliminating the potential risks of getting your patent application rejected on the count of being "obvious".