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Bench to Bed Analytics

Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics is the world's first and most comprehensive analytics solution encompassing R&D bench data, capturing ideas, invention disclosures, patents, to products & regulatory information through post market surveillance and Adverse Events, patient drug consumption outcomes. This one stop actionable intelligence solution provides you in-depth information across the entire drug life cycle enabling you to make right decisions at right time to improve product quality or create new products or improve patient outcomes. R&D scientists, CEO's, CXO's, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Chief IP Counsel, Patent Counsel, IP Executives, Generic and Brand manufacturers can use these intelligence analytics.

Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics combines multiple data points from patents to product to regulatory information to post market surveillance through adverse event intelligence to improve drug product quality to control diseases, reduce risks and improve patient outcomes. The unprecedented intelligence analytics are delivered leveraging big data and analytics, providing actionable intelligence and opportunity to develop better products & superior patient outcomes.

Product Name

Key Features

  • Facilitate automation of continuous drug safety and effectiveness monitoring
  • Provision better drug safety systems
  • Risk analysis and Risk management
  • Detection, Assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects
  • Safety monitoring
  • Improve risk management plans
  • Provide direct feedback to pharmacovigilance teams
  • Provision tools for safety surveillance

  • Key Benefits

    • Facilitate automation of continuous drug safety and effectiveness monitoring
    • Enable research studies on larger databases
    • Make it possible to work on multiple databases at the same time
    • Minimize Risks - Risk assessment, risk analysis & risk management
    • Improve product quality
    • Identify drug risk signals far more quickly
    • Provide drug developers and regulators in-depth post-market data and actionable intelligence
    • Strengthen drug safety
    • Increase epidemiology expertise

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