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The Brands of VajraSoft Inc.

VajraSoft Inc.'s Pintels delivers Intelligence Analytics on Demand empowering you to make right decision at right time and gain competitive advantage. Driven by Big Data solutions, Pintels provides Competitive Intelligence, Patent Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Market Intelligence and lot more.

Pintels Products

  • Bench to Bed Analytics

    Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics combines multiple data points from patents to product to regulatory information to post market surveillance through adverse event intelligence to improve drug product quality to control diseases, reduce risks and improve patient outcomes. The unprecedented intelligence analytics are delivered leveraging big data and analytics, providing actionable intelligence and opportunity to develop better products & superior patient outcomes.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Gain competitive intelligence across competitor patent portfolio, industry trends & opportunities, who are the major players, what patents they own? which patent families they are strong? who are the emerging players in a specific technology, what IP's are they generating etc.

  • Patent Intelligence

    Gain understanding of who own's what products and generate Patent to Product mappings, gain insights into regulatory compliance, and wealth of other reports.

  • Product Intelligence

    Identify the valuable patents through technology & patent landscape analysis. Next, prepare plan of action to approach the patent assignees. Our IP Specialists can help you build exceptionally strong patent portfolio to gain market influence and maximize value.

  • Market Intelligence

    Gain insights into how well products are performing in the markets, are there any product quality issues, product recalls & withdrawals, any cases reports against the products in market and a lot more information, to accelerate your decision making.

  • BioPharMed Intelligence

    Focused to Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry, and delivers end-to-end intelligence - from patent to product & regulatory compliance to market performance, product recalls, market withdrawals, product details, active ingredients, cases, adverse events reports, patient outcomes etc. and serves as single intelligence analytics solution your business needs and competitive advantage.

  • Adverse Events Reporting Intelligence

    Provides analytics reports of all adverse events, for all the approved FDA drugs, be it Over the Counter drugs (OTC drugs), or Prescription drugs or generic drugs. Gain insights into how the drugs performed in the market, what are the patient outcomes, patient demographics, medication error reports and lot more.

  • Safety Intelligence

    Provides insights into safety of biologics and therapeutics drug products, Product Recalls by manufacturers, Class I, Class II, Class III recalls classification, FDA Enforcement reports across all types of product including - Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, Food, Cosmetics and Veterinary products.

  • PharmAnalytics

    Provides analytics reports on FDA Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations (FDA Orange Book & more), as well as detailed product analytics including - Application details, Active ingredients, formulation, drug class, patent exclusivity, dosage and delivery methods.