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Competitive IP Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is the action of defining, gathering, analyzing information about patents, products, customers, markets and competitors to make informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Why Competitive IP Intelligence?

Competitive IP Intelligence solution transforms disaggregated information including patents, product and marketing information into relevant, accurate and usable strategic knowledge about competitors, position, performance, capabilities and intentions. The actionable intelligence analytics provide insights into industry trends, where the competitors are investing, what can potential acquisition targets to strengthen the patent portfolio. The competitive intelligence analytics also help identify new entrants into the marketplace as well as finding new opportunities or potential collaborators. Also, based on the market indicators management can change its strategy and become more proactive and gain competitive advantage.

Executives can also identify the gaps in IP portfolio and find potential partners, collaborators. Other benefits include:

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Analyse quality of patents
  • Review the patent prosecution
  • Extract information relating to citations and literature / non-literature of interest
  • Analyse whether competitors are pursuing ongoing research or not, how well financed are the research teams
  • Geographic analysis of IP's
  • Get the Patent Legal Status
  • Patent Families
  • Patent File Histories
  • Paragraph IV Patent Certifications
  • Patent Litigation