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Pintels Customers

Pintels delivers industry vertical solutions. These include:

  • Pintels for Economic Development Boards
  • Pintels for Venture Capital Firms and Investment Banks
  • Pintels for Mergers & Acquisition Teams
  • Pintels for IP Law Firms
  • Pintels for IP Executives & IP Strategy Teams
  • Pintels for Startup Accelerators
  • Pintels for Technology Business Incubators
  • Pintels for Corporate & Business Strategy Teams
  • Pintels for Strategic Planning Team
  • Pintels for Strategic Technology Management
  • Pintels for Business Development & In-Licensing Team
  • Pintels for Technology Scouters
  • Pintels for Universities
  • Pintels for Corporate Innovation Teams


The comprehensive industry solutions provide data visualizations, analytics reports, providing deep insights into new trends and opportunities, patent portfolios of leading market vendors, patent portfolio analysis of key market players, key technology classes..