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Why Pintels for Economic Development Boards?

Pintels for Economic Development Boards is to create Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship

Also, we can Fast Track Innovation Driven Economic Growth by:

  • Improve Innovativeness
  • Adapt to Changing Markets
  • Accelerate MSME Segment growth Rate
  • Create Potential to fats track growth fostering innovatioms
  • Provision Innovation, IP Skills to entrepreneurs
  • Identify emerging technologies and opportuntiies
  • Provision Patent box and Implement tax incentives
  • Identify key Sectors and thrust areas to accelerate Innovation driven growth

Pintels Economic Development Board


  • Accelerate Innovations from lab to Market and fast track IP Monetization - Stimulate growth and add value
  • Manage Idea to Value; Idea to Product; Idea to Market; Assessment of Ideas for IP Commercialization Potential
  • Provide hands-on Monitoring, Subject Matter Expertise
  • One-stop shop for ll IP Service needs & Leverage IPMation Platform
  • Manage IP Strategy | IP Protection | IP Portfolio Management | IP Commercialization | IP Marketing
  • Provision Innovation, IP Management Courses - Import hands-on Life skills

Download Pintels Economic Development Board Infographic

Common Issues and How to leverage Pintels to Address them

  • Manage Technology Innovations is single most important driver of competitive success
  • Understand Technology planning, technology roadmap and strategic roadmaps and align them
  • Manage innovations and technologies from technology domains and technology fields under one roof, that is on common platform
  • Help you manage competitive benchmarking to leapfrog against competition
  • Manage strategic risks
  • Identify emerging technologies and opportunities
  • Detect threats
  • Perform Competitive Benchmarking at Strategic, Functional and Operational levels


Want to understand and know more about Strategic Technology Management!. Engage with our innovation and subject matter experts to understand your business needs adapt pintels strategic technology management to drive profitable growth and accelerate value.