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Patent to Product Mapping

Find out in which Products your IPs are being used. Understand how your organization’s intellectual property portfolio is being Monetized

Patent-to-Product Mapping solutions provide both outside IP Attorneys and in-house patent counsels valuable information on how their patent portfolio is aligned with product portfolio. It helps you identify and map important products in your patent portfolio with products, or finding potential patent infringers.

Product Name Product Name

How and Where to use Patent-to-Product Mapping?

Using Patent to Product mapping reports:

  • Provision association of patents with products
  • Identify patents and products providing highest value and optimized ROI
  • Identify potential patent infringements
  • Identify unmapped patents for potential out-licensing
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios
  • Business can identify open spaces and strategically direct R&D to address them
  • Identify potential patent portfolios for acquisition or technology to be exploited
  • Identify potential infringers to be pursued