Pintels for Financial Services | VajraSoft Inc

Key Issues and challenges:

The biggest challenge that financial services industry has to deal with is to thrive in uncertain times. Some of the key issues and challenges are:

  • Enterprises
  • Track emerging trends and technologies
  • Law Firms
  • Identify disruptive technologies
  • Universities
  • Hold off cybersecurity related threats
  • Startups
  • Grapple with risk management culture
  • Universities
  • Playing defensive tactics
  • Universities
  • Address gaps in process automation
  • Universities
  • Face competition from non-traditional market players

Key Emerging technologies covered under financial services

Pintels intelligence analytics fulfills the mission of identifying emerging technologies and new revenue opportunities for Financial Services industry covers all major banks and their innovation, IP portfolios. Also, the Pintels Intelligence analytics platform provides deep insights into Top Insurance Companies, Top 10 Investment Companies, Innovative Financial Companies.

Leveraging the intelligence, business can accelerate business decisions in several sectors such as:

  • Digital investment advisory
  • Mobile payment
  • Enhancing online experience
  • Offer new avenues for loans
  • Speed payments
  • Investment management
  • Protect assets from fraud
  • Crowd funding
  • Trading
Financial Industry Innovations

It is imperative, for example for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to drive from customer service to investment service. For example Pintels intelligence analytics throws light on artificial intelligence technologies and provides deep insights to needed to build Chatbots, Personal assistants, Robo-advisors, Machine Learning, Cognitive computing.

In addition, as financial institutes like banks face competition from nontraditional market players, that leaves little choice but to always look for disruptive technologies & innovations and new business, revenue opportunities. This warrants to shed the risk averse culture, which has become part and parcel of corporate culture.