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Executive Summary

Are you in the Technology, Patent White Space race? - If the answer is "Yes" continue. This info is for you.

Most of the industry today, is nascent and there are no sophisticated tools for performing due diligence and then translating the gaps, white spaces in specific technology realm, into potential new opportunities and chance to get dominant position. But, how?

Pintels builds on top of technology, patent landscaping and provides Patent White Space Analysis solutions for you. Talk to our Experts and ask them what you want. Based, on where you come from, that is, which industry vertical, technology etc. and what your objectives are from patent, technology white space analysis standpoint, we can assist you and provide "what you want" and provision the data brewed analytics reports in the way you want.

How do I benefit from Patent White Space Analysis?

Before, understanding how it benefits you, question and understand - why you want to perform White space in first place? What is your objective in doing this? What's your takeaway of getting patent white space analysis done? How and where are you going to apply it in your decision making process? If this questions makes sense for you, and lends clarity, then read on.

Why conduct Patent white space analysis?

Here are few reasons, as to why you want to get patent white space analysis done.

  • Uncharted territory is tantalizing for you
  • If you are looking for out-sized returns
  • You are looking for a chance to dominate new technology
  • Want to invest in specific areas before competitors get in
  • Get the insights, before you want to dabble in the white space

Benefits of Technology, Patent White Space analysis

  • Know what patents exist in your technology space
  • Understand emerging trends & opportunities
  • Find out where the gaps are to do further R&D
  • Even in crowded space areas, identify where you can exploit to create niche
  • Acquire insights to unaddressed aspects / opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Garner insights to position early enough to create your IP's and lay path blocks for competitors
    Assess if this white space is right for you