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Challenges - With the constantly changing market dynamics there is a need for comprehensive competitive intelligence. It is essential to effectively manage the future. Is Innovation and Intellectual Property Management an important consideration for your organization? - If it is "Yes" then read on..

Business Executives, Innovation Managers and intellectual property executives alike want to optimize returns on patent portfolio investments and improve shareholder value. But, the key question is – How to achieve it? How to manage it for optimal return? Key to achieving this objective is to get hands-on information about the competitive intelligence. The (cradle-to-grave scenario) end-to-end analytics provide in-depth details and empower you with right information at right time to make facts driven decisions, minimize risks and maximize the Return On the Investment.

Pintels Competitive Intelligence Analytics provide powerful data visualizations on the competitive landscape and business value. It helps discover trends that impact your business. It provisions deep insights into competitive landscape as well as top companies in the technology field, understand emerging trends and opportunities, understand disruptive technologies and assess risks. The data visualizations help you to access trends and leverage the intelligence for strategic market positioning, technology roadmaps and new product initiation. You can also leverage technology intelligence to close gaps between business strategy and execution.


Why Pintels Competitive Intelligence Analytics?

Pintels Competitive Intelligence Solution offering provides you intelligence analytics on demand, empowering you to make the right decisions at the right time. It provisions unprecedented level of intelligence to make informed decisions. The competitive intelligence provides continuous flow of new intelligence which is essential keeping in mind the market dynamics and adaptive business needs.

Pintels Competitive Intelligence analytics helps you understand market needs and empowers you to make strategic decisions Make versus Build decisions, Merger & Acquisition as well as leveraging the best practices to engage in. It also helps to understand the Research & Development emphasis of the competition and where they are spending the investment dollars.

Pintels Competitive intelligence helps you gain competitive advantage. The deep insights from analytics and data visualizations and point-and-click visualizations help you close the gap between business strategy and execution.

What is your business issue or what is the business decision you want to make? – What are the facts that you need to make an informed decision? Based on these fundamental questions you need adopt competitive intelligence to address them. A key question to ask for is – What is that you are looking for?

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  • Identify emerging technologies and opportunities
  • Analyze competitors innovation portfolio
  • Understand the Market dynamics
  • Detect threats
  • Accelerate Strategic Planning
  • Assess and manage strategic risks
  • Define strategic roadmap
  • Identify Mergers & Acquisitions targets


Download Pintels Competitive Intelligence Analytics Infographic and Datasheet

Common Issues and How to leverage Pintels to Address them

  • Identify emerging technologies and opportunities
  • Track New Entrants to Market
  • Understand Market and Innovation dynamics
  • Identify disruptive innovations
  • Detect threats
  • Continuously monitor key technologies of interest
  • Perform Competitive Benchmarking


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