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Innovations, Intellectual Property in Robotics

Robotics innovations are geared to boost productivity. Application of Robots pan across multiple industrial verticals, automotive, healthcare, space applications, manufacturing, semiconductor, networking & communications, aerospace and in extremely dangerous tasks. Most robots used in market today perform labor tasks for humans. Robots are extensively used in hazardous environment, handling hazardous materials, applications where extreme temperatures are involved.

Pintels Intelligence Analytics, Pintels Technology Intelligence Analytics solutions provide robotics technologies innovations spanning industrial robotics, personal robotics, different types of industrial robots - cartesian robot, articulated robots, SCARA robots - 4-axis robots, 6-axis robots, cylindrical robot, collaborative robots, Polar robots and covers all major players in industrial robots. They include - ABB Robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, KUKA Robotics, Epson Robotics, FANUC America, Yamaha Robotics, Yaskawa Robotics, Alphabet, Universal Robotics, Staubli, Apple, Samsung, DJI, EKSO Bionics, iRobot, Bosch, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and others. By 2019, the robotics market size is expected to grow to 135 Billion US Dollars.

Key markets for robotics include Industrial Robots, Military Robots and Personal Robots. The types of applications of the robotics include arc welding, assembly, cutting machine, fastening, forming machine, Handling, loading, unloading, Inserting, Mounting, Coating, Painting, Enameling, Packaging, Plastic processing machine, Forging, soldering and water jet cutting. The robot product categories covered pan across small payloads, low payloads, medium payloads, high payloads and heavy duty robots.

Terrestrial and Military Robotics applications are in the specific application tasks such as unmanned ground vehicles, mobility and robotics, 3D perception, real time stereo vision, multi sensor terrestrial classification, Ladar and locomotion on uneven surface.


Where & How businesses can leverage Robotics Technology Innovations

Pintels Robotics Intelligence analytics can be leveraged to fast track decision making. It gives you a broad understanding of different types of robots, who is producing what robots, and where all you need the robots, be it for automotive assembly, painting, coating, sealing, Welding, cutting, grinding, deburring and fastening. Fields of applications of robots pan across Space robotics, underwater robotics, electric mobility robotics, Logistics, production, consumer robotics, Search and Rescue and Security robotics, Assistance and rehabilitation systems and agricultural robotics.

Robotics Technology Innovations

Pintels Technology Landscape Reports

Powered by Pintels Intelligence Analytics, Pintels Technology Intelligence Analytics solutions the robotics technology innovations landscape reports pan across, industrial applications to space applications like extended arm for repairing and extremely dangerous tasks or areas where high precision is needed.

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Common Issues and How to leverage Pintels Robotics Intelligence Analytics Address them

  • Identify emerging technologies and opportunities in Robotics
  • Track New Entrants to Market
  • Understand Market and Innovation dynamics
  • Identify disruptive innovations in robotics technologies
  • Continuous monitor key technologies - industrial robots, personal robots

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