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Innovations, Intellectual Property in Drones Industry

Drones industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. Emerging technology innovations are disruptive the competitive landscape, be it for surveillance or delivering mail packets or emergency healthcare drones are emerging as defacto standard for the industry. What is more critical for success of this industry is that the technology evoved rapidly and is of course still evolving to provide cost effective solutions over the traditional solutions. With ease of use, flexibility and choice customers are now empowered with multiple choice of solutions for adoption.

Different types of drones include tricopter, that is, drone with three propellors, quadcopter, drone with four propellors, octocopter, hexacopter, drones with camera, drones with and without GPS, FPV birds and more. Drones are now in use in mutltiple industry verticals including transportation, security, power utilties, first responders, healthcare, agriculture, media & entertainment, transportation - for package delivery, defense, photography, sports, security, wireless communications, weather and storm tracking amongst others.

Based on the business need, purpose various types of drones such as fixed winged drones, VTOL, rotary blade drones, nano drones, STUAS, MALE, HALE, UCAS are available for selection. Also, based on the payload capacity different types of drones are available. Typical payloads vary from 25 kg to 150 kg to 600 kg or beyond. What's unique about Pintels Intelligence analytics and technology intelligence analytics are that they track all types of drones, drones related sub-technologies, markets, top players, their innovation portfolios, technology trends and opportunities.

Top players in drones market include Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Aerovironment, Elbit systems, Israel Aerspace industries, BAE Systems, Thales SA, Parrot, GoPro, DJI (China), Titan Aerospace, United Technologies, Eurocopter, Sikorsky Aircraft, Raytheon and others. Pintels drones analytics span across entire drone technology and competitive landscape.


Where & How businesses can leverage Drone Innovations

Pintels is one stop shop for you to get what your business needs. Pintels Technology Intelligence Analytics provide you the latest innovations across the drones sector and span across multiple domains - from agriculture to defense, security, transportation, photography, sports, wireless communications, media and entertainment.

Drones Innovations

Pintels Drones Technology Landscape Reports

Powered by Pintels Intelligence Analytics, Pintels Technology Intelligence Analytics solutions the drones technology innovations landscape reports covering broad array of technologies and sub-technologies, with various payload capacities, designed for different purposes, missions, by different manufacturers globally. The landscape reports provide deep insights into all technological aspects on one side and top players in respective market segments, their patent, innovation portfolios, technology evolution, growth and saturation.

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Common Issues and How to leverage Pintels Intelligence Analytics for Drones to Address them

  • Identify emerging technologies and opportunities in unmanned ariel vehicles (UAV) drones technologies
  • Understand UAV drones Market and Innovation dynamics
  • Identify disruptive innovations in drone technologies
  • Continuously monitor key technologies - healthcare, transportation, security, surveillance, reconnaissance, sports and more.

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