Pintels Intelligence Solutions

Why Pintels?

VajraSoft Inc. Pintels - BioPharMed IP Intelligence System is most comprehensive competitive Intellectual Property Intelligence analytics application. Pintels delivers Intelligence Analytics on-Demand. A unique aspect of Pintels is that it offers end-to-end intelligence analytics - starting from Patent Intelligence, to product intelligence to Market intelligence including the post-market safety intelligence, Adverse Event reports, Medication error reports, Patient outcomes and Drug Master Files information.

Business Challenges

Business Executives are constantly challenged to get competitive intelligence to gain right insights and make right decisions at right time to provide more "value" and improve stakeholder value. That said and done - how can they achieve it? One of the key aspect is to gain deep insights into Patent landscape, who owns what, different patent classification groups and patent families they belong to, the products (drugs) manufactured leveraging the patents, and their performance in Market. On a competitive standpoint, it provides Executives the visibility and entire value chain - from Patent to Productization to Market performace. In-house Executives can gain comprehensive intelligence of their IP, Patents, Products and post market safety intelligence - to make facts based decisions to improve stakeholder value.

Pintels Intelligence Solutions Overview

Pintels Solutions Overview


Featured Pintels Intelligence Analytics Solutions

BioPharMed IP Intelligence solutions include:

  • Pintels Patent Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Drug Product Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Drug Safety Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Adverse Events Report Intelligence Analytics


Other Pintels Intelligence analytics products include:

  • Pintels Competitive Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics
  • Pintels Diagnostics Intelligence Analytics
  • Pintels Text Analytics

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