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Executive Summary

Quantum Computing is the emerging technology that is disrupting the industry. This next wave of computing is gaining prominence in solving majority of problems that are computationally intensive. For example, optimization, quantum cryptography and Artificial Intelligence based applications. Based on the problem being solved, Quantum Annealer, Analog Quantum, Universal Quantum or topology based quantum computers can be leveraged. Pintels Quantum Computing Technology Innovations analytics provide you unprecedented insights into emerging trends and opportunities in quantum computers landscape, who are the prominent players, what do they hold and how the industry and competitor's portfolios are evolving.


Why Pintels for Quantum Computing?

By leveraging the cloud based pintels intelligence analytics you have the opportunity to continuously monitor quantum computing technologies, across hardware, software, chips and application markets. You can also identify emerging trends and opportunities in quantum computers, newer qbits being added starting from Google to IBM to Microsoft, D-Wave and all top players in this sector. Prominent players in quantum computing include ionQ, KPN, Intel, Lockheed Marting, University of California Berkeley, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Alibaba and more. Pintels Quantum Computing innovation landscape also provides insights into qubit technologies, quantum encryption, quantum crypto systems, Microsoft Quantum Computing, quantum computing processors and elctronic design automation tools. You also have the ability to identify new entrants to market and also identify disruptive quantum computing technology innovations.

Pintels Quantum Computing technology landscape reports provide deep insights into the technology landscape as well as competitive landscape and also the application sectors. These include Optimization, Quantum encrypted communications, AI, Smart manufacturing and logistics, Quantum computing devices in cloud and molecular structure research, Quantum Machine Leaning, Biology, Quantum Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computing, Quantum communications, Energy and health.

Quantum Computing Technology Innovations Landscape:

Pintels for Quantum Computing Innovations

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