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Clinical Diagnostics Patent Technology Landscape Report

Clinical Diagnostics Technology Landscape Report

Report ID: PLR-013
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Report Description

  • This report analyzes the worldwide patent landscape for clinical diagnostics technologies and related sub-technologies. The dataset representing this technology space shows a good spread of technologies spanning a long timeline and leading countries across the world. The landscape analysis report lists of competitive landscape in terms of key players in the field, their patent portfolios and the priority countries.

    Most of the top patent assignees are based in USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Europe, France, Switzerland and other countries; the patent filings – both published applications and issued patents are factored into the dataset for classification analysis and reporting. The majority of the dataset comprises of patents listing of corporate organizations, leveraged from Pintels TM patent database.

    Key Questions answered by the report:

    • Identify the trends and opportunities for making strategic investment decisions and roadmapping
    • Identify the recent breakthroughs analyzing the patents
    • Provide Competitive Intelligence
    • Understand the factors driving growth
    • Who are the major innovators
    • Which are the top performing assignees, products
    • Which are the top performers
    • What are the top performing technology segments
    • Emerging companies developing clinical diagnostics innovations

    The report covers:

    • Overall Technology Trends
    • Assignee analysis
    • Inventor Analysis
    • IPC Code analysis
    • CPC Code analysis
    • Geographic Analysis
    • Comprehensive overview of patenting activity in a field of clinical diagnostics technologies
    • Getting a clear picture of "lay of the land"
    • Analyze top cited patents, Assignees/companies, technology areas, Patent classes, subclasses, IPC and CPC classifications
    • List key players in clinical diagnostics technology area
    • Identify Top players (Assignees, Companies) in clinical diagnostics technology
    • Identify and analyze top technology areas
    • Identify and analyze top patent classification codes – by IPC Classification codes
    • Identify and analyze top patent classification codes – by CPC Classification codes
    • Top Assignees
    • Top Inventors
    • Top publishing countries in clinical diagnostics technologies

Report Contact

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